We at NewbieRoots firmly believe that education is not only about academic learning or accumulating knowledge and facts, but the all-round , holistic development of an individual. We aim to make your “little stars” well rounded, kind, compassionate human beings at heart, while also equipping them with the tools to be global citizens in a highly competitive, multilingual, diverse cultured society. NewbieRoots follows the world renowed Montessori Pre-School Teaching Curriculum, which gives prominence to activities and programs that identifies and nurtures your child’s natural potential . The tailored curriculum, presents the child a kaleidoscope of opportunities to explore , experiment and discover their true talents and skills.. The curriculum focuses on not just the academic , but other developmental spheres of the child viz:- Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional, while optimizing child development through engaging better teacher child Interaction and initiating keen Parent Involvement.


We at Newbie Roots cater for young babies from 18months old through to children of 4 years of age

Toddlers (18months to 2years.)

Worried whether your toddler is too young for playschool? At Newbie Roots, children your child can find a home away from home to spend a day of  fun and frolic while the parent can work at ease, assured of the safety and well being of the child.

Pre Nursery (2yeras to 3yeras)

Your child’s first initiation to the wonderful world of learning, Pre Nursery at NewbieRoots lets your child take the baby steps towards learning activities, while ensuring the child is unburdened and his happiness remains paramount.

Pre Primary (3yeras to 4yeras)

The foundation to your child’s schooling life, the pre-primary readies your child for the road ahead, imbibing in your child and a genuine love for learning and creating positive vibes towards future schooling and life.


Toddlers18months – 2years8am – 1pm
Pre Nursery2years – 3years8am – 1pm
Pre Primary3years – 4years8am – 1pm
AfterschoolUpto 6years2pm – 6pm
Extended Daycare18months – 4years2pm – 6pm

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