NewbieRoots owes it origins to a rare confluence of human passion for nature , and genuine love and affection for children. It is also the product of a stark realization that , the future of our planet rests in the hands of our children , and how in tune, or not, they are with it. This green initiative, which prides itself on being carbon neutral, envisions and holistic approach to education with a larger world view of teaching the future generation, the need for protecting and caring for our environment.


NewbieRoots focuses on the holistic development of your child. Fun and interactive games along with targeted learning activities that aims to promote complete social enrichment of the child. We encourage the child to question thoughtfully, and aim for them to be become independent, to be responsible for their actions, to develop respect and compassion for others, and to become responsible members of the community. We at NewbieRoots believe in inculcating social values and awareness in children at a very young age, to help the next generation truly be the better generation : This involves Social Awareness initiatives to imbibe in children the love for and need to protect nature, respecting others, their feelings and belongings, to be compassionate to animals, importance of saving natural resources etc. NewbieRoots is envisioned as a happy, safe, and loving environment providing the highest quality care preschool-aged children. Rather than simply operating a pre-school, we envision a facility where education, including personal development, is paramount and where the children we teach will reach their full potential in readiness for school years and beyond.


We strive for each ‘Newbie’ to:

  • Develop into well rounded individuals with inquisitive, rational minds.
  • Acquire the ability to reason and question logically.
  • Stimulate curiosity and inculcate a genuine love for acquiring knowledge.
  • Enhance their conversational abilities and linguistic skills.
  • Encourage creativity , ingenuity and out of the box thinking.
  • Improve fine and gross motor skills.
  • Aspire for individual freedom of thought and actions, while embracing one’s responsibilities.
  • Eliminate stressful interactions by channeling their energies positively.
  • Care for the environment, fellow humans, and animals.
  • Incorporate keen parent involvement in all facets of the child’s progress.
  • Facilitate dynamic parent association, where the parents are as much of an active part in their child’s schooling as the teachers.
  • Encourage active parent partnership in all matters regarding the child through a consistent feedback  by maintaining constant channels of communication


Qualified and well trained teaching and support staff specific to different facets of childcare viz:-Safety, Hygiene, communication & interpersonal skills who in unison diligently pursue only one goal that is to create a genuine love for learning and fun within each child. We have a staff nurse on the premises, an “on call” doctor at our preschool. Staff have also been specially trained in Pediatric first aid and CPR. The management is knowledgeable, experienced and hands-on.


Towards the Children in providing the seeds of quality education and imbibing the love of learning , importance of good morals , all while the child has immense amount of fun .

Towards the Parents in partnering and involving them in their child’s daily activities and keeping an open channel on communication with them on their child’s progress, strengths and interests.

Towards the Environment by creating social awareness and promoting activities that resonates the importance of the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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