The NewBie Roots Advantage

Safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environment that promotes trust, confidence and self-esteem for children aged between 18 months to 4yrs to kick-start their formative educational and social years.
Extensive and dynamic curriculum that focuses on holistic development of the child, combining fun activities and educational games , inculcating a love and passion for learning as well as imprinting sound ethics.
Qualified and well trained teaching and support staff specific to different facets of childcare viz:-Safety, Hygiene, communication & interpersonal skills who in unison diligently pursue only one goal that is to create a genuine love for learning and fun within each child.
Innovative and Interactive indoor and outdoor play areas, Field Trips, in-house medical attention, Healthy and balanced nutrition with regular and keen monitoring.
Social Awareness initiatives to imbibe in children the love for and need to protect nature, respect others, their feelings and belongings , to be kind and compassionate to animals and importance of saving natural resources.

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“Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.”

– Maria Montessori

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